About Peter

Peter was born in France and raise in the world.

When Peter was a child, his dad had an old  Analog Nikon camera, and has been few times in the darkroom with him, that was a first photography discovery.

After that Peter has realized  of his passion for photography in his late 20’s.

His younger sister got a nikon D3000, a Dslr for beginner.

He started to borrow her camera once then twice and he finally bough his own first Dslr, a Nikon D3300.


Peter is a self-taught photographer, so he spends his first few years to learn and mastering photography.

When he starts to understand the principle of photography, he sold his first camera and update for a D5300.
After 5 years of photography, Peter decided that it was finally the time to buy a professional camera, so in 2018 he took possession of the Nikon D750, to try to bring his work to the next Level.

Peter is primarily a landscape photographer who lives in Sydney since 2014.

Once or twice a year, peter organizes a photo trip around the world.

Peter is a lover of the wildlife, big spaces, waterfalls, mountains, he likes spending hours in a lost places to find a great place to bring his camera.